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If you have a Garden Club and would like a place to show how you and your members bring life and color to the world, Set Your Sites, Webdesign can help. We have been providing local garden clubs with websites for 12 years. Please visit our portfolio to view several of our current designs. If you have a current website we can use your existing information and images to redesign the look and feel of your pages.

Set Your Sites can create a new website with many features like calendars, photo galleries, monthly newsletters and more. Set Your Sites can supply you with a site designed specifically for your club and have you online in very little time. We have seen many Garden Club websites that are very generic and don't bring style to groups that otherwise have very colorful stories to tell.

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has been in business since 1998. We continue to design, create and provide professional websites for many businesses and organizations all around . Please take a little time and look through the rest of our website to view our portfolio and gather information that will help you decide to partner with us to help you become more successful in your endeavors.

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